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Pay It FORWARD Information


  • Highlighting and promoting outstanding business women

  • Creating positive perceptions of women of color

  • Inspiring young people, especially young women to become successful

  • Challenging gender/racial bias


Betty Hines’ interview premiered in April 2021 with 3k views. The episode now has 41k views with 10,566 in the last 90 days. 

Ciemone Sheppard who was a part of the WPO when she was interviewed in December 2021, premiered with 4.8k views. The episode now has 38k views. Ciemone Sheppard is Paying It Forward.

Vicki Vasquez was interviewed in late November 2021 and premiered with 3.8k. 60 days later the episode has over 14k views. Vicki Vasquez is Paying It Forward.

Dr. Nkem Okeke interview was published on February 10th and has over 20k views.

Sharon Reynolds was interviewed in February and her episode will be published in March.. 

These interviews can easily achieve between twenty and fifty thousand views over the course of a year. We plan to continually promote each episode throughout the year through our ever growing viewership via our school partners and our YouTube channel. 

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