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Eliminating Systemic Racism by turning negative images into positive perceptions

The Black Experience is a 501(c)(3) with a bold mission. With the support of corporate and individual contributors, we are working to create a future where systemic racism no longer exists. The mission of our nonprofit,
The Black Experience is to present the world with positive images of Black Americans through educational and inspirational video content, changing negative stereotypes into positive perceptions. Our strategy is to continue to add to our already extensive library of free video content to be viewed by a worldwide audience. 


"I would be honored if you would join us on this fantastic journey. Together we can make this change and create a lasting legacy for our future generations."   ~ Adam P. Kennedy, President & Founder 

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New Featured Profile: Songs Of Freedom
Protest Music in Black and White | Segregated and Unequal

"If America’s original sin is indeed slavery, then her most insurmountable byproduct of
said sin is her inability to reckon with the resulting effects and long lasting trauma: the unconscionable treatment of the descendants of slaves in the annals of history through the following centuries leading to present day."
  ~ Alphonse McCullough

"The treatment of Black musical artists in the 20th Century, specifically the early to mid-1900s is a shameful part of that history. "Negro" or "Colored" musicians regularly faced segregation and violent environments wherever they performed. Those stories and their negative legacy have been treated largely as if they never happened. Researching these events required a deep dig into the horrifics of history." ~ Alphonse McCullough

In "Episode 2: Protest Music in Black & White, Part #1" we take a close look at this period, and the heinous acts committed against some of our most iconic figures recounted firsthand by those who witnessed and survived them. 


34 episodes with over 815,000 views from around the World!

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The Black Experience Testimonials

"Thank you, Adam. I so appreciate all you and “The Black Experience” does to empower our race and culture through the sharing of our stories." - Janis

“As a black man, it’s my duty to ensure my daughters know and aspire to be such impactful strong black women.” - Mandisi


“I’m appreciating the knowledge base in this educational YouTube series. Thank you for broadening my Black Experience awareness.” - Renya
“May Andrew Young's opening words of living a life of divine purpose set forth a profound example for us all.” - Eric


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