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School Partnership & Membership Information

The Black Experience is a 501(c)(3) with a bold mission. With partnerships with schools like yours, we are working to create a future where systemic racism no longer exists. The mission of our nonprofit is to present the world with positive images of Black Americans through educational and inspirational video content, changing negative stereotypes into positive perceptions. Our content is free and is distributed through our website. One of our primary objectives is to partner with schools across the country so they can utilize our content as a free educational resource. 


As our partners, students, teachers, administrators and parents will be able to access all of our content commercial free via our website and have access to our full catalog of content at which includes our content catalog with a brief description of each episode. 


Partner schools will also receive extra content such as our full length interviews and exclusive profiles. In addition, schools will also receive weekly updates about our new and upcoming episodes. To improve the effectiveness of our content for your students, we require your school to conduct a short survey twice a year related to the impact of our episodes. 


We are a new non-profit. Currently we have 35 episodes with an average length of 5 minutes. We will be producing a minimum of 4 episodes per month. 


By bringing our content into your classrooms as an additional resource your students will become more aware about Black history, learn from leaders present and past and gain a newer, more positive narrative about Black Americans. Though our content is predominantly focused on Black Americans, the experiences highlighted in our work speaks to a greater American experience, providing insight and examples on how everyone can achieve their dreams.


We would be honored to partner with your school on this journey toward eliminating systemic racism in our society. 


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela



Adam P. Kennedy 

President and Founder ~ 757-345-0626

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