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Leadership Series with Ciemone Sheppard 
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CONTENT  CATALOG ~ 78 Episodes | 578 Schools

Foundations of Success featuring: 
 Otis Rolley | The Ultimate Wealth

"Fail fast, learn fast, fix fast. Don't wallow in your mistake. Learn from it. Move on." A true urbanist, Otis Rolley's career has been dedicated to advancing economic and community development in cities, leading organizations in the for-profit and non-profit private sectors.


His 20 years of experience also includes serving in various leadership positions in the public sector. He has held cabinet roles with five mayors in three large U.S. cities. He has been a chief of staff managing a $2 billion budget; city planning director for America's largest independent city; and he has served as the first deputy housing commissioner for the 5th largest public housing and community development agency in the U.S. At 29, Rolley was the youngest director of a large city-planning department in America. He was also responsible for preparing and updating plans showing the physical development of the city; developing and monitoring the city's $370+ million annual capital budget and six-year capital development program for consideration of the Board of Estimates, and developing and maintaining a Comprehensive Master Plan for the city.


Under Rolley's leadership, Baltimore adopted its first Comprehensive Master Plan in 39 years. It was also the first Comprehensive Master Plan to be adopted by both the Planning Commission and the city council in the city's history. Today, Rolley serves as President of Wells Fargo Foundation as the Head of Social Impact, leading community engagement and enterprise philanthropy.

Leadership Series featuring: 
 Phyllis Newhouse | The Power of Operating in Your Greatness
Phillis Newhouse

Phyllis W. Newhouse is the Chief Executive Officer of Xtreme Solutions, Inc., an end-to-end IT services and solutions provider, with offerings that range from IT business consulting to state-of-the-art cyber security consulting and forensic analysis. Phyllis co-founded Xtreme Solutions in 2002 upon retiring from the United States Army as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer.


Phyllis is a successful entrepreneur, a proven CEO, a worldwide motivational speaker in business, and one of the most influential women in technology.

Leadership Series featuring: 
Camille Burns | Creating a Pathway for Women in Business 
Camille Burns

Chief Executive Officer of the Women Presidents Organization, Camille Burns, champions the WPO’s mission to help second-stage women entrepreneurs worldwide take their companies to the next level of success.


The organization’s unique approach to advanced business education rooted in a proprietary peer learning methodology has helped founders on six continents scale their companies for growth. The WPO is the premier peer advisory organization connecting women who own multi-million dollar companies. In monthly meetings across six continents, chapters of 20 women presidents from diverse industries invest time and energy in themselves and their businesses to drive their corporations to the next level.


Local WPO chapters meet monthly to share business expertise and experience in a confidential setting. An ardent supporter of women’s economic development via entrepreneurship, Camille has shared her expertise at many prestigious events, both as a moderator and panelist. 


Since joining WPO in 2000, she has worked to steer the organization’s significant growth trajectory and expand its international footprint. Due to the length of her WPO tenure, Camille brings a unique perspective to her role as CEO.

Leadership Series featuring: 
Kenneth Jones | Mission-Driven Demeanor
Kenneth Jones

Jones is the Chief Operating Officer of the MacArthur Foundation (, Kenneth Jones is responsible for all aspects of the finance, accounting, tax, audit, information technology, grants management, administrative services, core services, and facilities functions for the foundation. He also serves as the Chief Equity Officer. In addition, Jones implements and evaluates the foundation’s financial objectives and performance to support MacArthur’s priorities and programs.


Before joining MacArthur, Jones was the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the Annie E. Casey Foundation. In this role, he oversaw the finance, grants management, business technology, and facilities & operations functions, as well as the disaster recovery & relief process for the foundation. He traveled extensively in Africa and Southeast Asia as CFO for Danya International, a public health and education organization, and Jhpiego, a nonprofit international health affiliate of Johns Hopkins University. Jones previously held corporate finance positions at the Ford Motor Company, the Pfizer Corporation, and Prudential.

Leadership Series featuring: 
Carrie SiuButt | Shake Every Tree: A Journey of Endurance
C4616970-3CCE-41E0-A3CF-03D75667DFAF (1).jpeg

SiuButt is an entrepreneur and CEO of SimpleHealth. A company focused on providing access and expert care to allow people to realize their potential through a healthy reproductive system. Leading with a patient and people mindset, she has spent her career in strategy and finance in some of the world's most exciting brands. As a Black and Chinese woman with Dystonia, she is intimately aware of the perils of our healthcare system and dedicated to improving healthcare access in America.

After being diagnosed with Dystonia, a rare movement control disease that affects around 300,000 people. Around the time of her diagnosis, it became difficult to write with her dominant right hand, so she taught herself to write with her left.


Although SiuButt’s disease progressed throughout college, she graduated and went on to work in a highly fast-paced environment where she was successful but not in the best health due to the lifestyle that came with being a Wall Street executive. After completing her Masters of Business Administration program at Stanford University, SiuButt’s disease became significantly worse, and she decided to seek options for treatment. She wasn’t a fan of taking medicine that would increase fatigue and was presented with another option — deep brain stimulation surgery.


Although it was a challenging decision at the time, it helped unlock many doors for her, including running her first 10K marathon. Her journey with Dystonia led SiuButt to make the career switch from Wall Street to healthcare after realizing the lack of accessibility and diversity within the industry.

Leadership Series featuring: 
Kimberly Bunton | Your Role in the Family
image (5).jpg
Kimberly Bunton

“Always be yourself, take advantage of all of your advantages, and don’t tell yourself no. Let someone else tell you that and even when they tell you no, find another way to do it.”

Kimberly Bunton is a multi-disciplinary executive, lawyer, and administrator with an extensive corporate, law firm, government, and media management experience. She is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and a Juris Doctorate. Bunton works as a President at TKT & Associates, which is a Business Services company with an estimated 46 employees and was founded in 2006. They are part of the Executive team within the C-Suite Department and their management level is C-Level. TKT's business service solutions streamline procurement processes, including supplier diversity management programs, workforce planning, and development and managed professional services (MSP). Their ability to listen, identify, assess and respond with sustainable and scalable solutions is ingrained in the fibers of their family/workplace environment.

Leadership Series featuring: 
Sharon Pinder | A Silent Champion Speaks Volumes

“I didn’t have anybody on the other side of the table that looked like me.”


Transforming the Landscape with a seat at the table and a champion in the room. Executive, businesswoman, entrepreneur, professor, public servant, an inductee of the Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber’s Business Hall of Fame, and recognized as the Outstanding Leader of the Year by Leadership Maryland, Inc., A Silent Champion Speaks Volumes. Sharon Pinder is usually the one who asks the questions, but she graciously sat down with us to share her life story and the pivotal moments that led her down the path of success not only for herself, but others that looked like her. Highlighting Black Excellence, this is our latest installment of The Leadership Series.

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